Music exploded into my world the first time I heard ‘I know What I like in Your Wardrobe’ by Genesis. The song almost got me beaten to a pulp by a beefy Bouncer when I wouldn’t leave a club before it came on the jukebox. Being a life long biker I’ve always had a love of Hard Rock and Blues as well.

N.W.B.H.M saved my sanity during the Glam years and at my core it’s really Heavy Metal. What do I listen to now? Well lots of new stuff everything from Shinedown and Rival Sons to Christian bands like Dycfer Down and August Burns Red and I still Love Prog as well.

Age well in my book it’s just a number but I can tell you I’ve been lucky enough to see Thin Lizzy with Phil and AC/DC with Bon and every Line-up of Black Sabbath and lots of great bands as well.

Lastly I’m a Scouser first and foremost and we don’t do anything half-heartedly or without Passion

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