I’m more or less a jack of all trades. Not all that much education to speak of. Professionally I have worked as a typograph, movie texter, credit control clerk and since 2001 church administration. I’m married, for the second time, and have two children.
My tenure in music started in 2006, when George Roldan talked me into becoming a reviewer for now defunct website?
www.prog4you.com.?I have also reviewed for the websites Progressive Ears and USAprogmusic.

Since 2008 I have reviewed music for?
www.progressor.net, and have been the main reviewer there for the last few years. I also review for internet radiohouseofprog.com, do some writing for US progressive rock festival ROSfest, and make some basic promotional YouTube videos for French label Musea Records when they release new albums.

In the past I was an active collaborator for website?
www.progarchives.com, my handle on that website is Windhawk. I have made a brief biography for Swiss band Clepsydra, for a box set they released a few years back. Other merits related to music in my past is a tenure as an internet radio DJ, and plan to start doing this again in 2017 (for?houseofprog.com)

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