The Commander In Chief – Berit Vol.1

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Reviewer: Rick (Doc Firebrand) Palin


First review from me in quite a while. Well you know how life gets busy, busy, busy. However, I felt I personally had to write this review. This young lady came to my attention in the early days of Firebrand Radio and I have watched her grow over the years both as a person and as an artist and to be honest she has kept my attention all these years because quite simply putting it she is the most talented multi-disciplined artist’s I have ever heard and I am including my music heroes in that list as well as, again, quite honestly she is a prodigy, a once in a lifetime musician that quite frankly most seasoned pro’s are quite frankly scared to work with as she exceeds their capabilities.

Originally going out under the moniker The Commander In Chief she caused a lot of people to pay attention very early on. At that time the only 7 string female metal guitarist in the world with her first single being the amazing Evolution that again caused a big splash in the rock/metal industry. She has even covered a couple of classics (which is always a benchmark to be either lauded or condemned as an artist) mainly Paranoid and Immigrant Song which was not just good but Stellar I think is an appropriate word in this situation.

Fast forward a few months and she completely shocks us yet again by releasing a classical guitar album with one of the greatest classical guitarists of all time (Classic FM) Craig Ogden again showing a completely different side to her vast array of talents.

Now The Commander In Chief is back! However, this time under her own name with the release of yet another curve ball “Berit Vol.1”. Inspired to do this album by her mother and manager Aina Hilltout, Berit has put together a solo acoustic album and put quite simply it is a masterpiece of an album beautiful yet haunting, pure listening pleasure and thought-provoking (Berit draws heavily on the world around her for her lyrics). Now if that was not enough Berit played all the instruments,Co- Produced it with her Mother / Manager Aina E Hilltout, Recorded it, Mixed it, Mastered it and she still had time to write a children’s book!

Now, this may be the old git in me here saying this but quite honestly when I look at the youth of today I despair and then you remember someone like Berit and it really does give you some idea of hope that all is not lost with this generation when. Her commitment, drive, abilities, everything about her is quite literally an inspiration (or should be) to everyone.

I really cannot praise the work of Berit enough, If you love the acoustic guitar with operatically trained vocals then I suggest, no, I demand you pick up a copy of this album because literally, it will be the best bit of money you ever parted company with for music.

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Doc’s Rating 10/10

Track Listing
Dear Old Music
Who’s Gonna Make Me Happy
Ruins Of Grandeur
How Cheap Will You Sell Your Soul
Why So Hostile
Stay With Me

Will You
Time To Say Goodbye
Have You Ever Loved Anyone?
You Don’t Know At All
Set Me Free (From the Children’s Book “The Freezing Snowman” by Berit Hagen


And as a comparison here is Berit going all classical!

And yet again the metal goddess The Commander In Chief – Evolution

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