The Trousers – Invisible Darkness

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When I listened to the first song, I was blown away by the catchiness of the opening riff and I had a real strong feeling that I was in for a treat with this album and that certainly came true. Right from the of, it was clear, this was the kind of album, you could turn up and lose yourself in over and over. All the songs feature some very catchy guitar hooks and real great sounding raspy vocal plus great playing from all the band and brilliant melodies which are guaranteed to get stuck in your head for a long time. It’s definitely one that will be added to my driving list and my steering wheel is going to take a bit of a bashing when this it’s playing.
It’s easy to notice that the influences for this album and indeed band, cover a very wide range, through many years and they blend all the good things from those, in such a highly addictive way.
I also read in the write up, that this is their fifth album so will definitely be searching the web to see, if I can buy the others
So, if you like your music to be comfortable and familiar, yet still have a slight up to date twist to it, this album and band are definitely for you. Bringing this review to a close, I must say I have really enjoyed listening to and reviewing this album and can certainly guarantee that a cd, will be landing on my doormat, very soon.

Score: 8/10


01. Spinning The Wheel
02. You Got Me Rollin’
03. Drowning In Numbers
04. The Swamp
05. Dancer From The Dance
06. Bad Luck And Trouble
07. Going Inside My Mind
08. The Worst Is Yet To Come
09. Done For Good
10. Five Miles High
11. Here Comes The Light

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