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When I listened to the first song, I was blown away by the catchiness of the opening riff, couldn’t get it out of my head for the rest of the day. Being a reviewer, I hear a lot of new stuff and there’s not, a lot of songs that can do that. So, I had a real strong feeling that I was in for a treat with this album and that certainly came true. After a few listens it was clear, this was the kind of album, you could turn up and lose yourself in over and over.

Musically it is a good mix of Blues, Southern Rock with a hint of Country, which they’ve blended so well, it will definitely get your toes tapping. All the songs feature some great songwriting and arrangements, with some very catchy guitar hooks. Also some nice harmonica and real great sounding raspy vocal, as well as the female backing vocals, which add a nice touch.

There is a lot going on here to engage the listener and each time you listen you notice something else.

I read in the write up, that when they were recording it, the majority of it was done live and you can certainly tell. Because it definitely has a real raw edge to it, harking back to the way albums sounded in the 70’s. In fact, the way it’s mixed results in all the instruments being nice and clear, giving it a well balanced sound.

So, if you like your music to be comfortable and familiar, yet still have a slight twist to it, this album and band are definitely for you. Bringing this review to a close, I must say I have really enjoyed listening to and reviewing this album and can certainly guarantee that a cd will be landing on my doormat, very soon.


Score 8/10




  1. How Is Elvis
  2. Hey Mama
  3. Wheeler Dealer
  4. High Heels, Hot Wheels
  5. Sunday Morning
  6. Mad Train
  7. Keep on Keepin’ On
  8. Love and Divine
  9. Soul Stealer
  10. Stand Up


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