Caro Emerald – Plymouth Pavilions.

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With a UK tour currently in full swing, the next date on the schedule brought Caro Emerald to Plymouth and she did not disappoint. 

Support for the evening came from fellow Dutch artist Loren Nine. Armed with just her voice and a piano, she comfortably filled the space with a collection of beautifully haunting tracks that drew heavily on the emotions and was in stark contrast from what was to come later. A stand out track from her set was the recently released ‘Who Needs You’, which really highlighted her talents as a songwriter and a vocalist and was a track that you could not help being taken away by.

With the conclusion of Loren’s set, it was time for Caro to hit the stage. Playing in front of a colourful backdrop to enhance the tropical feel of the occasion, from the first track the sound and vibe immediately created a party atmosphere. This was continued through the first part of the show with both older and new songs being included in a varied set that featured tracks such as, One Day, Tahitian Skies and Ghost Of You. The latter of which Caro requested that audience members asked BBC Radio 2 to play for Halloween!

For the next track Weiger Hoogendrop (on lead guitar duties), changed instruments to a Cuban Tres, which created a beautiful Spanish sound and it was used to full effect on ‘I Know He Is Mine’. Immediately following this, Caro and Weiger took centre stage under a spotlight and played ‘Close To Me’, which Caro said was one of her favourite tracks due to it being a sentimental song. It was very intimate performance and made you feel that no-one else was in the room. This moment aside though for the most of the night the band had that big band feel, with several of them playing multiple instruments and they all certainly looked like they were having fun. 

With the show now in full swing the urge to get up and dance became stronger and stronger and Caro recognised this by encouraging everyone onto their feet by asking the room if they liked dancing, this was met with loud cheers. She played another new song called “Wake Up Romeo” and the encouragement of dancing was met! To begin with it started off small, with just a few people stood up dancing but by the next song, a wonderful cover of Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’, more people stood up dancing and cheering. 

At this point more and more people starting standing up including myself. I looked over to our photographer, who is a heavy metal fan and even she was up dancing! By the time Caro performed the ever popular ‘Liquid Lunch’, I’d say about 90% of the room had moved from their seats and were dancing in the aisle and at the side of the room. Couples dancing and friends dancing. With another song performed called ‘That Man’, the night was drawing to a close. The nights encore included ‘Stuck’ followed by Caro asking for audience participation on ‘A Night Like This’, with everyone was still on their feet, singing with the band and singing with Caro. 

With that came the end of the show but I didn’t want the night to end and neither did anyone else there. The audience were cheering, screaming and clapping Caro and the whole band as they took their bows. The colourful, fun and amazing vocals from the night had come to a close and the air was full of whispers of people praising Caro and the band. It’s fair to say that Plymouth would welcome Caro Emerald back in a heartbeat.  

Words: Steph Bodkin & Jenny McGee

Photo’s: Steph Bodkin


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