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The Room in terms of live performances, are, quite literally one of the highest quality bands you will see anywhere on the live circuit today. Having worked with them on a couple of their albums over the years I am constantly surprised how these guys keep evolving, growing as a band in terms of style, performance and musical craftsmanship.

One thing about the band that is something quite unique is the fact they cannot be pigeon holed into a genre. With the first album Open Fire, they were really both feet in the prog camp. Beyond The Gates Of Bedlam changed that significantly with such radio-friendly rockier tracks such as Carrie and Full Circle, redefining the band into their own genre, neither prog or all out rock but somewhere slap bang in the middle giving them a very unique edge.

The exciting thing for me last night was the debut of tracks from the forthcoming new album in the spring of next year. Not only did they give us one of the new tracks but quite literally half of the tracks and they sounded amazing I won’t spoil the surprise except to say with album no 3 you are certainly in for a major surprise with a focus seemingly on more radio-friendly tracks by which I mean under the 5 minute mark making them more appealing to general radio playlists.

Once again they have significantly improved stagecraft wise and plenty of on-stage banter between Martin Wilson and No. 2 Andy Rowe. Tight musicianship, you can tell just by watching them that this a band at the top of their game and that they are enjoying every second of it. The inclusion of a 2nd guitarist Eric  and new keyboard player Mark Dixon (who replaces the brilliantly talented Steve “Checkers” Checkley) really adds a new dynamic to the band and breathes fresh life into the tracks we already know.

The band have evolved that much with the new material that they are truly worthy of being a headline act at any festival in their own right.

Want to see for yourself, then you are in luck if you are in the Bilston area this Sunday 11th of November as the band open for legends Focus at the Robin 2.

Admittedly it’s a phone cam recording but still highly watchable, Check this live version out of “Full Circle” below a song that personally means a lot to me.


Live Review by Rick (Doc Firebrand) Palin

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