Christian Tolle Project – Point Blank

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When I listened to the opening song of this album, I was blown away by the cracking guitar riffs that come in after the short keyboard intro. It’s the kind of opener that instantly has your toes tapping and drags you in. Then the whole album continues, in much the same way from the first note to the last in a full on, heavy, solid and groovy rock.

All of the musicians, worked together so harmoniously, every guitar strum, bass lick and drum beat, is done to perfection. This is an album that oozes a huge amount of style, confidence and catchiness, with every song being of the kind that will dig its way into your brain and stay there for eternity.

There are some pretty impressive musicians that have contributed, these being Doug Aldrich on guitar as well as Dave Reece and John Cuijpers, providing some powerful lead vocals.

While it’s easy to hear the influences come from many bands, it still manages to sound new, vibrant and exciting. All the songs contain the same powerhouse style, thumping bass and pounding, yet melodic drums from an exceptional rhythm section. Add to that the riff laden, mind blowing soloing from the guitars and hugely powerful vocals, it creates an album you just want to sit back, turn to 11 and lose yourself in. It draws on various rock styles as in blues, metal, punk and grunge and mixes them all together so wonderfully.

The feel of some of the songs on this album, will take you on an exciting and thrilling ride back in time as the whole of the album has a large feel of late 70’s and early 80’s rock. The production as well is top class having a real in your face, punchy sound to it.

I will end this review by saying, I’ve really enjoyed listening and having the chance to share my thoughts on, such a great piece of work.

This album was released on 26th October 2018, so if you haven’t already then I would definitely recommend adding this album, too your collection.


Score: 8/10





1 Point Blank

2 Borderland

3 Since You’ve Been Gone

4 Proceed With Caution

5 Too Late

6 Fight Another Day

7 Before I Fall

8 Black Friday

9 Don’t Make Me Wait

10 Lonely Is The Night

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