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While I was doing my usual thing, when checking the new review albums, of listening to the first songs of each album. I have to say I was truly shocked when the first notes of Swing King resonated in my ears, though shocked in a truly pleasant way. Simply because I was not expecting to hear something like this from a relatively new band, formed just two years ago, as far I as my internet searching can find.
This band surprisingly plays old style fifties West Coast Blues and play it in such a realistic way, the thought crossed my mind that, Doc Emmet Brown had picked me up in his Delorean and taken me back in time.
Another pleasant surprise was to hear the wonderful and mesmerizing tones of an upright bass, which again is not very common, these days. But adds to the authenticity of the sound that this band create.
Every song on this album is an absolute classic, expertly played by five hugely talented musicians. The songs are very relaxing and the way they ebb and flow like the tide, really helps to ease your troubles for a while. Plus, as you’re listening you really get the feeling, that they were really getting a huge buzz out of creating this album.
Also, it mentioned in the write up, that they are already headlining the major Blues festivals and clubs, which is truly no surprise.
If like me you like the blues and are looking for something new and exciting to listen to, you can certainly not go wrong, by adding this exceptional album to your collection. So, get on the internet, go to whichever is your favoured site and spend your dosh.
Anyway, I best finish this review now, as I want to get uploaded before the official release day arrives which happens to be tomorrow 12th Oct 2018.
So, it’s been a pleasure to listen to and review, this album, hope it sells well. A cd will definitely be falling on my doormat, very soon.

Score 9 – 10

01 – Swing King
02 – Out Of Sight
03 – Butter Side Up
04 – She’s In Command
05 – Can’t Get Enough
06 – Bullet Through My Heart
07 – My Dad Taught Me To Rock
08 – Route 101
09 – The Rat
10 – Mr Barber
11 – I Still Remember

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